Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura

About Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura

Orthopedic Urgent Care located in North Miami Beach, FL

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Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura is a specialized orthopedic urgent care clinic where patients are always treated with warmth and compassion. Their experienced team of orthopedic urgent care specialists has established trust with the community and patients at their brick-and-mortar, family-run office in North Miami Beach, Florida. Children over 12 and adults of all ages are welcome to walk into the clinic whenever they have a musculoskeletal injury or pain.

Problems the Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura team diagnoses and treats include hand and wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, back and neck pain, and shoulder and elbow pain. The team has extensive expertise with many orthopedic conditions, from carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tendinitis to fractures, dislocations, sprains, and strains.

Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura also offers comprehensive care for people affected by workplace and other personal injuries. The team can manage workers’ compensation claims and ensure patients return to work feeling restored and pain-free. 

Treatments and pain management services Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura offers include physical therapy, vitamin injections/supplements, bracing, casting, splinting, medication management, and steroid injections. Onsite digital X-rays are available for fast and accurate diagnostics. Patients requiring surgery receive referrals to highly skilled orthopedic surgeons. 

Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura has received numerous positive reviews and is beloved within the community. The practice operates on a walk-in basis, so there’s no need to schedule an appointment; simply drop in for an immediate consultation or call ahead to let the team know you’re on the way.