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Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain services offered in North Miami Beach, FL

If you suffer from hand and wrist pain, visit the team at Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida. The team of orthopedic clinicians is available immediately to diagnose and treat your condition. They’ll restore function and relieve hand and wrist pain quickly and conservatively. Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura is open to walk-in patients, but you can call ahead to alert the team beforehand. 

Hand & Wrist Pain Q & A

Why would I develop hand and wrist pain?

You might develop hand or wrist pain if you injure the tissues suddenly, suffer damage from overuse, or develop a disease that affects the bones and joints.

Hands and wrists consist of complex cartilage, nerve, bone, and connective tissue structures that work harmoniously, allowing you to perform multiple daily tasks. If disease or injury affects your hands or wrists, they can’t work properly. Using them can become painful, challenging, and sometimes impossible.

What conditions commonly cause hand and wrist pain?

The team at Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura commonly sees patients with hand and wrist pain that’s caused by:


Osteoarthritis develops over the years due to continual joint wear that erodes protective cartilage on the bones. It causes inflammation, chronic pain, weakness, stiffness, and joint distortion.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes similar symptoms but is caused by a problem with your immune system that makes it attack your joint linings.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel in your wrist is a bony formation through which the nerves and connective tissues pass into your hand. Inflamed or thickened ligaments in the carpal tunnel can press on the median nerve that travels from your shoulder to the thumb side of your hand. Symptoms include pain, weakness, loss of grip, tingling, and numbness.


Fractures are breaks in the bone. They may be simple breaks, or the bone might shatter (comminuted fracture) or protrude through your skin (compound fracture).


Dislocations occur when the bones forming your joint come wholly or partially detached from each other.

Sprains and strains

Sprains are ligament injuries, while strains affect tendons and muscles.


Tendinitis develops from overuse that irritates the tissue. Inflammation builds up, causing pain and tenderness.

Trigger finger

A trigger finger locks into a bent position. The finger may retain some flexibility early on, so you can unbend it manually. As the trigger finger worsens, it can become completely rigid.

The Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura team can also treat hand and wrist pain caused by congenital deformities.

How is hand and wrist pain treated?

Acute fractures often require closed reduction, where the Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura team manually realigns the bones using X-ray guidance. Fractures and other injuries might also need a cast, splint, brace, or specialized taping.

Chronic conditions like arthritis often benefit from joint injections that reduce inflammation. Many hand and wrist pain treatment plans include pain-relieving anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and vitamin injections or supplements. If you require surgery, the team will refer you to a qualified specialist.

Orthopedic Urgent Care Aventura takes walk-in patients, but you’re welcome to call and let the team know you’re coming in.